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Today we live in a world that is fractured. It seems that where ever you turn there is so much brokenness, and often we don't have to look any further than our own reflection.

Here at New Hope Community Church, we believe that there is a solution, that there is One who understands and has the power to lovingly heal our brokenness, make us whole and use us as ministers of reconciliation

That is why as a church we believe in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is God's message of forgiveness and reconciliation. That because of Jesus' death and resurrection, God is willing to give forgiveness and eternal life as a gift to anyone who trusts in Him. That means no-one is beyond the reach of His help.

We believe that the essence of community is something that involves a diversity of generations and cultures. So it is essential for us as a Church that children, young people, students and adults of all ages and backgrounds are involved together here at New Hope Community Church.

We desire to be a community that spends time together to sing, pray and develop strong and encouraging relationships that last and with God's enabling to learn how to serve one another, our local community and the world at large

New Hope Community Church is a growing congregation based in the heart of Trowbridge. We meet Sunday mornings at Trowbridge Community Centre at 10.45a.m.

All are welcome.

We hope to see you soon.